About Us

A School for the Mobile Electronics Industry.

The Industry School, founded by Solomon Daniels and Kerry Moyer, empowers retail professionals, technicians and fabricators to improve their skills and representation of their partnering brands through education and training.It provides a supportive online environment in which manufacturers and mobile electronics industry affiliates can host training content, communicate with learners, evaluate their performance and celebrate their achievements.

Our Mission: To enable every participant of the mobile electronics industry to learn and grow through education and training, without barriers.

The Industry School Structure
The Industry School comprises virtual, individual training rooms that are managed by participating manufacturers or industry affiliates. Trainers create and host content that is segmented for better absorption, with testing to improve retention. Learners who successfully complete courses receive certificates of recognition.

The Benefits
The Industry School provides a higher-quality learning experience in four ways:

  • A proven online learning platform used by schools and companies worldwide
  • Always-available access to courses and materials for self-paced learning on any device
  • Segmented content and testing to increase information absorption and retention
  • Evaluation of learner performance through real-time metrics